Spontanous Urban Plants Mapping Project

  • Client

    Future Green Studio
  • Company

  • Date

  • Role

    Designer & Developer
  • Type

    UI Design & Development, Mapping, Data Visualization

Integrating user generated content through the Instagram API to document wild urban plants.

I worked with Future Green Studio to develop a website that categorizes and maps "spontaneous urban plants" as a companion to their publication of the same name. I used the Django web framework with GIS add-ons to develop the site and to interface with the Instagram API. Users upload photos of 'spontaneous urban plants' to Instagram tagged with the #spontaneousurbanplants hashtag. The application grabs those photos and using the metadata associated with the photo, adds them to the map. Additional hashtags are used to categorize and organize the different plant types. Admins are also able to add additional information to augment the photo metadata.

You can visit the site here: http://spontaneousurbanplants.org/

Github repository: https://github.com/dmeehan/spontaneousurbanplants

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