I'm able to take designs from concept, to mockup, to engaging, discoverable, and responsive HTML/CSS/JavaScript user interfaces. I have successfully built design systems, managed projects, lead design teams, and communicated design concepts to business managers and clients. I enjoy working in teams to create things that are greater than the sum of their parts. I understand that the only way to solve design problems is through iteration: drawing, communicating, critiquing, building, testing, listening, and more drawing.

I have dual master degrees from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design and have worked professionally as a designer in both the virtual realm of the web and the physical realm of landscape architecture and urban design.

I’m driven by a desire to develop equitable interfaces between the virtual and physical worlds that empower individuals and communities to imagine and create sustaining and sustainable living environments.

Outside of work life, I’m a percussionist/multi-instrumentalist in a 7-piece original rock/funk/soul band and a father to a magical 4 year old girl.